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Shani Gailbreath

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NBBG: Tell us about you

Shani: I am surrounded by testosterone. I have a husband, 4 boys, and a male dog. My time with my clients is how I get girl time ion my life. I love The Armchair Expert podcast and Chelsea Handler and Beyonce. I really love my work and the wedding vendor community in Nashville. As I type this my husband and I are on day 22 of The Whole 30 and I want to talk about how much I miss cheese and sour cream. 8 days to go...

I am a creative and find pure joy in doing hair and makeup. I love high-end weddings with all the glitz and glamour and giant floral arrangements. My name rhymes with "rainy".

NBBG: Do you do both hair and makeup or just one? If both, which is your favorite?

Shani: I do both and actually love both equally. I love painting faces and seeing features come to life. I also love sculpting hair into intricate styles.

NBBG: How did you get started in this industry?

Shani: Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a store in the mall called Trade Secret (some locations were Beauty Express) and I worked there while in college. I fell in love with helping people feel pretty. I went on to work at a few different makeup counters and even did a short stint as an area manager for a tanning salon (during Jersey Shore's peak), but always felt something was missing. After taking a hiatus to raise these boys and try out the stay at home mom job (I hated it), I decided I wanted to go back to work but I wanted to be my own boss with a timeline I could manage myself so that I could balance work life and home life. I started assisting different Nashville area makeup artists, learning, growing, and eventually joined a team. While on the team I signed with a local agency (shout out for production/commercial/music industry hair and makeup. Three years later and I knew I needed to go out on my own. Here we are.

NBBG: Favorite color, food, movie, instagram or facebook, what is your ennegram #?

Shani: Either black or white, CHEESE in pretty much all forms, When Harry Met Sally (watch it if you haven't), I prefer Instagram for visuals but Facebook for groups, I'm an Enneagram 3 with balanced 2/4 wings.

NBBG: What is your favorite part of being a bridal artist?

Shani: That moment on the wedding day when I'm done with the hair and makeup and I get to hand my mirror over to the bride. It's the best!

NBBG: Describe your aesthetic.

Shani: Clean, classic, pretty beauty. I love for skin to actually look like skin, I love radiant skin. I love a modern, glamorous eye look with a lash. Hair in a modern chignon or in smooth waves.

NBBG: What song makes you chair dance?

Shani: Countdown by Beyonce

NBBG: Describe your ideal client.

Shani: My ideal client is a professional with higher education. She may be a doctor, an attorney, or climbing her way up the corporate ladder. She is in her 30's and likes nice things. She loves beauty but doesn't have the time or need to wear makeup daily. She likely throws on a cc cream, some mascara, and lip gloss for her work day. When she goes out for a date night, she amps it up with a red lip and big shiny gold hoop earrings.

NBBG: What does a typical wedding day look like for you?

Shani: Coffee first. Shower then skin care. Hair and makeup on myself then check to ensure my kit is packed with everything I will need. Head out to arrive 15-20 minutes before he wedding party arrives or before mu first face/hair. I typically will do anywhere from 4 to 8 services on a wedding day. I may stick around for the bride to do touch ups while she has pictures done and the first look happens. After the ceremony, one more touch up or look change and then I am out of there and probably on the hunt for food.

NBBG: What do you want potential clients/brides to know about you? What do you want them to know about wedding day hair/makeup?

Shani: I want brides to think of hair and makeup as one of the most important factors on their wedding day. The hair and makeup that is done on the bride, bridal party, and maybe even the groom (guys need love too) will be a main focal point of the photos you are spending a lot of money on. Spend a lot of money on the hair and makeup too. It's a big deal. You don't want to look back and not love something about the way you look in your photos. As far as what I want brides to know about me, you can be honest with me. Tell me what you are thinking. You don't have to know beauty lingo to say what you love or don't love about a look. I also want brides to know I can be the bride's calm space before the shit gets real on wedding day. If you need me to tell people to (politely) back off and give you some space while you are in my chair getting your hair and makeup done, I will do that. You should have a moment of peace to soak it all in. Also, not all makeup artists are good at makeing makeup look beautiful in person AND on camera. Find one that can do both at the same time.

NBBG: Is there anything that makes you or your business unique?

Shani: Myself and all of my team work in the wedding industry but also work in production, commercial, and beauty. We are experienced with lighting and cameras. We know how makeup looks in certain lighting or how your makeup will look with a photographer's signature editing style. We are also a luxury service and provide a luxury experience.

NBBG: What are your favorite wedding day products?

Shani: I love clean skin care and pampering my bride with luxury skin care before her makeup application. Herbivore Botanicals, Tatcha, and Caudalie make some of my favorite skin care products for weddings day.

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