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Should your hair colorist do your wedding day hair?

"You may be considering hiring your long time hair stylist or your mom's friend that sales Avon makeup to come do your wedding day hair and/or makeup. I am sure your hair stylist is amazing at what they do. You likely have a great bond with them and would actually love to see them on your wedding day. And there are MANY salon hair stylists that are phenomenal at bridal hair. This blog post is not about that person. This blog post is about the hair stylist that specializes in cuts and colors and hasn't maneuvered a bobby pin since they were in hair school 15 years ago or maybe did your prom updo in 2005 but hasn't really done much since then. Hair styles and makeup applications both take constant practice and continuing education. How about the avon lady that has no clue about various skin tones and types or how makeup translates in different lighting or in different camera lenses? Maybe you have a friend that does makeup occasionally but hasn't touched their kit in 2 years. The products in that kit are likely old and expired. What if they don't have foundation shades for every skin tone in your bridal party or family? Let's not even get started on clean kits and sanitized makeup brushes! Do yourself a huge wedding day favor and hire someone who has taken bridal hair classes and has honed their bridal beauty makeup skills. Your photographer, wedding planner, and future self will thank you." Shani Gailbreath owner of Perfect Day Beauty

"I know this is an extreme example but, you wouldn't go to a general practitioner for a specific heart problem. You might go to your PCP to get a referral but you would go to a cardiologist." Madison Hardy Dennis owner of MHD Beauty

" I am licensed to offer haircuts and colors but since I don't do theses services very often at all I don't offer them. You want the person who is in charge of the way you look on your wedding day to specialize in bridal beauty." Rachel Wallace owner of R&Co. Bridal Beauty

"Hire based on experience and portfolio. If someone offers a service to you, ask to see photos of their work. If they don't have those photos ( and a good variety, not just a few and they should be on different people) that's not the person you want creating your hair and makeup for wedding photos that will last a lifetime." Lauren Martinez owner of Lauren Danielle Makeup Artistry

"Bridal beauty specialists are efficient and trained to work well under pressure or the wedding day timeline constraints. We travel to you with everything we need to do our job. Stylists that don't specialize in weddings are most likely not used to working quickly and may not understand that missing the deadline throws off the other vendors' timeline for the rest of the day, which creates a stressful experience for the bride and everyone else involved" Kinsey Stewart owner of Ava Couture Beauty

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